Michael Jokinen (2001)

I have been working in the environmental field for approximately six years. During my college education, I was employed as a forestry technician for two field seasons and a wildlife technician for one field season. I obtained a diploma in Renewable Resource Management and a certificate in Fish and Wildlife Technology from Lethbridge Community College. I proceeded to work as a wildlife technician for Alberta Sustainable Resource Development for a year before deciding to enrol in the Environmental Sciences program at the University of Lethbridge. During that time I was employed as a wildlife technician for the field season of 2001, and graduated with my BSc in May 2002. I have been fortunate enough to be involved in a wide variety of interesting and exciting wildlife programs. I have collected and analyzed data for various cougar, grizzly bear, elk, bighorn sheep, harlequin duck, peregrine falcon, sharptail grouse and native trout projects.

Since graduating with my BSc degree, I have been employed with the Alberta Conservation Association in Blairmore as a fisheries and wildlife technician. The majority of my time is spent working on wildlife projects involving species monitoring. I am responsible for the collection and analysis of data and report writing.

My time spent at the University of Lethbridge sharpened my interpersonal skills and broadened my educational experience. I took advantage of the University's liberal education policy by placing an emphasis on available electives. These courses complemented and further developed my scientific experiences and knowledge. For example, multimedia courses facilitated and enhanced my ability to present scientific data. I also learned how the humanities and social sciences are often intricately linked to issues in science, especially those pertaining to the environment.