Bryden Schmidt | Environmental Science (Co-op)

Bryden Shining Student


“Don’t limit your options, always remain open-minded and willing to accept challenges. Sometimes the route you end up taking is much different than the route you initially planned to take.”

Favourite Class: Animal Physiology
Favourite Social Activity: Studying with friends
Favourite Study Spot: Library

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • Joined the Co-operative Education program during my first year at the U of L
  • During my first co-op work term, I was included as a co-author on a published research article
  • During my second co-op work term, I was the main author for a comprehensive literature review written for Agriculture Canada
  • Volunteer as a Naturalist at the Helen Schuler Nature Center
  • Volunteer as a Co-op Ambassador for the Career Bridge office