Undergraduate Supervisors

In order to complete an Independent Study, Undergraduate Thesis, or Applied Studies course, you will need to find a faculty member willing to supervise, mentor, and challenge you throughout the course.

Below is a list of professors and their areas of research or interst. To find out more about each person, simply click on the link to be taken to their University of Lethbridge profile.

Kiki Benzon

  • 20th and 21st-century Literature (American and British)

  • Literature and Science

  • New Media and Storytelling.

Adam Carter (On Leave until July 2015)

  • Literary Theory and the History of Criticism

  • Theories of Irony

  • Theories of Ideology

  • Canadian Literature

  • Romanticism

Esther de Bruijn (On Leave until May 2015)

  • West African Popular Fiction and Popular Arts

  • African Literatures

  • Postcolonial and Transnational Literatures and Theory

  • Aesthetic Theory

  • Gothic Studies

Wendy Faith

  • Theories of Metaphor

  • Rhetorical Analysis

  • Critical Theory from 1848

  • Postcolonial Literature (incl. American Slave Narrative)

  • Modernist Literature and Art

  • Race and Gender Studies

Elizabeth Galway (On Leave)

  • Children's Literature

  • Canadian Literature

  • Victorian Literature

  • British Imperial Fiction

  • National Identities

Jay Gamble

  • Canadian Literature, esp. Literature of the Prairies

  • Literary Theory

  • Theories of the Negative

  • Modernist Poetry and Poetics

  • Avant-Garde and Experimental Poetry

Maureen Hawkins

  • Irish Literature, esp. 18th and 19th-century drama

  • Irish History and Culture

  • Drama, esp. 19th-century, modern, and contemporary

  • World Literature

  • Gender, Race, Ethnic, and Class Discourse

  • Postcolonial Studies, esp. Drama

Heather Ladd

  • Restoration and eighteenth-century British literature

  • Book history and print culture

  • Comedy and satire

  • Gender studies

Ian McAdam (Acting Department Chair)

  • Renaissance Drama and Shakespeare

  • Milton and Metaphysical Poets

  • Elizabethan and Middle English Literature

  • Psychoanalytic Theory

Goldie Morgentaler

  • 19th-century British and American Literature, esp. Dickens, Austen, Melville, and Dickinson

  • Jewish and Jewish- American Literature

  • Traditional Ballad and Folklore

Daniel O'Donnell

  • Computer Applications in the Humanities

  • Old English and Related Germanic Languages and Literature

  • Middle English

  • Editorial and Textual Theory

  • the History of the Book