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Economics is a behavioural science that studies the conditions under which individuals provide the best possible satisfaction of their needs.

Everybody thinks of and deals with economics whether they are aware of it or not. It concerns everybody and everything, transcending time and space, and is at the core of our civilization and human existence. It is a means of looking at all human interaction, regardless of culture, race or gender. As an economics student, you will gain a deep understanding of the decision-making process at the individual, firm or government level. You will learn how unhampered market processes lead to efficient production of goods and services, and the effects of interfering with these processes. An education in economics prepares you for a wide variety of jobs and serves as an excellent foundation from which to pursue law school or other advanced degree work. Employment possibilities range from policy-oriented work with private firms, foundations or trade associations to technically-oriented work with public sector agencies or private firms.

Department Highlights

Duane Rockerbie

Economic health of new CPL based on groundwork from Rockerbie

As the Canadian Premier League — Canada’s new Division II professional soccer circuit — continues to gather momentum in its inaugural season, University of Lethbridge economics professor Dr. Duane Rockerbie is justifiably proud of its success.

Rockerbie has been researching the economics of sport for the better part of two decades and in 2010, began working on the first of two reports for the Canadian Soccer Association to provide an economic analysis of the feasibility of a new Division II soccer league for the country.

New report co-authored by Rick Mueller report lays out for Albertans a more balanced assessment of the province’s finances.

The release of the Janice MacKinnon-chaired Blue Ribbon Panel report by the Kenney government confirms concerns that the panel’s limited mandate—to provide advice on balancing the budget, but concentrating only on expenditures, and with no increased taxes—would prohibit a full examination of bigger issues of balance or long-term fiscal sustainability. Due to its intentionally limited scope, the MacKinnon report falls short of providing the government and Albertans with the information necessary to make sound financial decisions about the province’s current situation or to plan for the future.

Countering much contained in the MacKinnon report, this report lays out for Albertans a more balanced assessment of the province’s finances.

Economics Scholarships & Awards

Specific economics scholarships and awards include:

Arthur J.E. Child Award in Economics: one award of $10,000 or two awards of $5,000 for continuing economics majors. Students must apply by May 1 through the Scholarships and Student Finance Office.

Trevor J.O. Dick Economic Memorial Scholarship: one award of $500 to a graduating economics major who has been accepted to a graduate program in economics. Winner is nominated by the Department of Economics.

Economics Help Desk Available in Fall 2019

Economics Courses (Economics Help Desk): September 16 - December 16

The Department of Economics provides free drop-in assistance for students seeking help with ECON 1010, 1012, 2900, and 3030. You can find the Help Desk in room E-568.

At the same time, you can also access help through Google Hangouts. Simply search for “econhelpdeskulethbridge”.

  • Monday, 2-4 PM: Nathir Haimoun and Annabella Ansah
  • Tuesday, 12-2 PM: Josephine Essilfie, 1-3 PM: Martha Twenefour
  • Wednesday, 2-4 PM: Johura Begum and Annabella Ansah
  • Thursday, 1-3 PM: Martha Twenefour and Annabella Ansah
  • Friday, 10 AM - Noon: Suzzie Ablordeppey and Josephine Essilfie


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