Short Film Contest


I authorize you to take photographs/video of my child and for those images to be used by La Société cInéMAGINE de l’Alberta and the FLC (Dept. of Modern Languages and Linguistics, U of L) for the purpose of printed, digital, video or other mediums.
I authorize la Société cInéMAGINE Society de l’Alberta and the FLC to broadcast, without my consent, the short film submitted by myself and / or my team for the competition short films in 2019 "Publicité en français ". I waive any right to distribute this film to other venues without permssions from cInéMAGINE and/or the FLC  (Dept. of Modern Languages and Linguistics, U of L)

Contest Rules

  • Reserved for pupils from Grade 7 to Grade 12
  • Films can be made using a variety of devices (telephone, camera, videorecorder)
  • The minimum resolution must be 1280x720p
  • The sound quality must be excellent (voice/dialogue and soundtrack are clear and understandable)
  • The file must be in one of the following formats (.mov), (.avi), (.mp4)
  • The duration of the advertisement must be between 2 and 4 minutes maximum.

All dialogues and writing must be in French. One or two phrases or slogans (written or spoken) in other languages may eventually be permitted, if clearly associated with the story or topic). All dialogues or slogans in another language must be subtitled in French.

No production content containing violence, bad, sexist, racist or diffamatory language of any sort will be permitted and will disquality submissions. All forms of plagiarism will cause submissions to be disqualified.

A maximun of 3 pupils may submit one project. 

Submissions may be disqualified if they do not respect the critieria or the previously mentioned rules.

Evaluation Criteria for Submissions

  • Quality of French (written and oral)
  • The scenario (originality, coherence, duration)
  • Production (quality of film and montage)
  • Quality of sound (voice, music)
  • Time (respecting time limits for film)