Pre-Professional Programs

Students at the University of Lethbridge may prepare themselves to apply for admission to a number of professional programs offered at other institutions. Admission to these programs is by quota and is competitive. Students with academic objective in any of the pre-professional programs should consult the University of Lethbridge academic Calendar. Please visit the section of the University Academic Calendar pertaining to Pre-Professional Transfer Programs. The information in the University of Lethbridge Academic Calendar is the final authority on all questions regarding program requirements and academic regulations.

Students interested in a transfer to a Dentistry, Medicine or a Veterinary Medicine Program are advised to be enrolled in the Biochemistry program. Note that Biochemistry is a field of study in its own right but is also designed to prepare students for application to these specific professional programs.

Please contact the Arts and Science Academic Advising Unit for a detailed Program Planning Guide and advice.

Arts and Science Academic Advising
M2102, Markin hall
The University of Lethbridge
4401 University Drive
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
T1K 3M4
Phone: (403) 329-5106.