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iGEM Team wins Gold in 2016

iGEM Team wins Gold in 2016

October 28-30, 2016

The University of Lethbridge iGEM team received a Gold Medal for the 4th consecutive year, for its work on examining the cleanliness of emergency medical vehicles. Originally contacted by the Lethbridge Fire and Emergency Medical services in May, the team characterized the microbial community within ambulances as well as developed an intuitive antibody-based strip test for real-time monitoring of cleanliness of the vehicles.

The team received a special acknowledgement from the iGEM safety committee containing member of the UN, FBI and Public Health Agency of Canada for their outstanding work in the protection of EMS workers and their families.


Team members L-R: Taylor Sheahan, Andy Hudson, Rhys Hakstol, Cesar Rodriguez, Sydnee Calhoun, Keith Aiken, Suneet Kharey, Courtney McDermott, HJ Wieden,Karin Otero. Missing: Graeme Glaister.
     Photos by iGEM team and B. Dempsey