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BCHM 1850AGenetically Engineered MachinesLaura Keffer-Wilkes
BCHM 2000AIntroductory BiochemistryAngeliki Pantazi
BCHM 2000BIntroductory BiochemistrySteven Mosimann
BCHM 2300AElements of Human NutritionAngeliki Pantazi
BCHM 3300ABioenergetics and MetabolismSteven Mosimann
BCHM 3300L01BCHM 3300 Lab 1Quintin Steynen
BCHM 3300L02BCHM 3300 Lab 2Quintin Steynen
BCHM 3850ABioinformatics IAthanasios Zovoilis
BCHM 4000ACellular and Molecular MedicineNehalkumar Thakor
BCHM 4000BAdvanced Contemporary BiochemistryTrushar Patel
BCHM 4850OLBiophysicsBorries Demeler
BCHM 5000ACellular and Molecular MedicineNehalkumar Thakor
BCHM 5000BAdvanced Contemporary BiochemistryTrushar Patel
BCHM 5850ABioinformatics IAthanasios Zovoilis
BCHM 5850OLBiophysicsBorries Demeler
BCHM 7000ACellular and Molecular MedicineNehalkumar Thakor
BCHM 7850ABioinformatics IAthanasios Zovoilis
CHEM 0500AIntroduction to Modern ChemistryJohn Eng
CHEM 0520AIntroductory ChemistryMichelle Hogue
CHEM 0520L01CHEM 0520 Lab 1Michelle Hogue
CHEM 1000AGeneral Chemistry IGreg Patenaude
CHEM 2000AGeneral Chemistry IIMarc Roussel
CHEM 2000BGeneral Chemistry IIPaul Hazendonk
CHEM 2120AChemistry for Life Sciences IIYing Zheng
CHEM 2320AHistory of ChemistryGreg Patenaude
CHEM 2500AOrganic Chemistry ISusan Findlay
CHEM 2600AOrganic Chemistry IIPeter Dibble
CHEM 2600BOrganic Chemistry IIPeter Dibble
CHEM 2740APhysical ChemistryMarc Roussel
CHEM 2740L01CHEM 2740 Lab 1Wayne Lippa
CHEM 2740L02CHEM 2740 Lab 2Wayne Lippa
CHEM 2740L03CHEM 2740 Lab 3Wayne Lippa
CHEM 3250AContemporary ChemistryPaul Hazendonk
CHEM 3410AAnalytical Chemistry IIWayne Lippa
CHEM 3410L01CHEM 3410 Lab 1Kris Fischer
CHEM 3410L02CHEM 3410 Lab 2Kris Fischer
CHEM 3840AInorganic Chemistry IIPaul Hayes
CHEM 4000AMedicinal ChemistrySusan Findlay
CHEM 5250AAdvanced Contemporary ChemistryPaul Hazendonk
CHEM 7250AAdvanced Contemporary ChemistryPaul Hazendonk