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We are the founding academic faculty at the University of Lethbridge with over 40 disciplines.

Oki, and welcome to the University of Lethbridge. Our University’s Blackfoot name is Iniskim, meaning Sacred Buffalo Stone. The University is located in traditional Blackfoot Confederacy territory. We honour the Blackfoot people and their traditional ways of knowing in caring for this land, as well as all Aboriginal peoples who have helped shape and continue to strengthen our University community.

The Faculty of Arts & Science offers three very diverse degree programs: Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Arts and Science (BASc), and Bachelor of Science (BSc). As a liberal education based system, you must select courses from the humanities, social sciences, and sciences as part of your degree program requirements. As such, you have the opportunity to study from within your areas of interest even if these areas are not part of your major. You can make your uLethbridge degree exactly that - YOUR degree - individualized to what you want to study.

The Faculty of Arts & Science stands with all those who seek a world free from the racism and related violence that plagues our world and our community. Read the full statement from Matthew G. Letts, Incoming Dean, Faculty of Arts & Science.

Upcoming Events

2020/2021 PUBlic Professor Series
Gail Michener

PUBlic Professor Series | Dr. Gail Michener

We are excited to present our second PUBlic Professor Series talk of the 2020/21 season!

Join biological sciences professor emeritus, Dr. Gail Michener, as she explores Love Them, Despise Them, Study Them: Perspectives on an iconic prairie animal.

Thursday, October 29, 2020 7-9 p.m.
Live Online
. Register here.

Other Events

Join us for the SAMWAK Speaker Series Fall 2020 season

Nov. 21: 10-11:30 a.m.

“Militarization of morality: The policing of sex work”
Jess Tollestrup (General Social Sciences, WGST, INDG, SOCI)

“Scholars at risk: The case of Academics for Peace in Turkey”
Dr. Gulden Ozcan (Sociology, University of Lethbridge)


SAMWAK means to 'announce' in Waray dialect (Philippine). This series aims to showcase new projects and ideas from students, faculty and the community twice every semester. SAMWAK is sponsored by the Department of Women & Gender Studies and organized by Dr. Glenda Bonifacio.

Modern Languages & Linguistics Fall 2020 Film Series: Film 3

Film 3: Political entrapment (October 23 – November 18) 

No (Chile, Pablo Laraín, 2012)

René Saavedra is a fashionable young advertising executive who is solicited for an unusual and desperate project in 1988: defeating the Chilean dictator Pinochet in a plebiscite referendum. A “Yes” vote would extend Pinochet’s rule for eight years; but with René’s brash plan, the “No” side hopes to defy political threats and free their country. (In Spanish with English subtitles) Watch the film

Zoom Discussion Meeting: Wednesday, November 18 @ 6 p.m.

Western Division of the Canadian Association of Geographers (WDCAG) 2021

Beyond 2020: Geographical Research in Times of Crises

We are pleased to announce that WDCAG 2021 will be hosted remotely by the Department of Geography & Environment at the University of Lethbridge.

March 5-6, 2021 online from Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

The 63rd Annual Meeting of the Western Division of the Canadian Association of Geographers (WDCAG) will be hosted by the Department of Geography & Environment at the University of Lethbridge (U of L) on March 5-6, 2021. Geographers from all fields of geography and related disciplines are invited to attend remotely.

Faculty News

Dr. Majid Mohajerani named first recipient of Dr. Bryan Kolb Professorship/Chair in Neuroscience

A new professorship created at the University of Lethbridge honours the legacy of one of the most influential figures in establishing the study of neuroscience and neuropsychology. It’s first appointee is a rising star who continues to push the boundaries of the field.

Dr. Majid Mohajerani has been named the first recipient of the Dr. Bryan Kolb Professorship/Chair in Neuroscience, which carries a five-year term that may be renewed once for a second five-year term.

The award is an endorsement of the outstanding research Mohajerani has conducted since joining the U of L as part of the Government of Alberta’s Campus Alberta Innovation Program (CAIP) Chairs plan in 2014. At the time, Mohajerani had been serving as a research associate at the International School for Advanced Studies in Trieste, Italy and at the University of British Columbia, and selected the U of L above a number of suitors.

Associate attorney Julian SpearChief-Morris named 2020 ULAA Young Alumnus of the Year

The University of Lethbridge Alumni Association (ULAA) is thrilled to honour Julian SpearChief-Morris (BA ‘13) with the 2020 Young Alumnus of the Year award.

“So early into his career, Julian has made incredible strides towards building more equitable and just communities,” says Jason Elliott, president of the ULAA. “Julian’s impact stretches far beyond the reaches of southern Alberta, and he always makes a point to connect with his roots here. We’re so honoured to celebrate Julian and we can’t wait to see what’s next for him.”

Throughout his burgeoning career, Julian SpearChief-Morris (BA ‘13) has demonstrated the heights a sharp mind and strong work ethic can achieve. An associate attorney with the law firm Jenner & Block in Washington, D.C., SpearChief-Morris represents businesses, tribal governments and individuals navigating complex and interconnected legal, political and policy challenges. His work includes involvement in all aspects of litigation on matters ranging from corporate finance to human rights law, as well as providing strategic advice on government relations and policy issues. Most recently, his efforts have been focused on helping clients navigate the devastating impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

U of L researchers earn $918,000 CIHR grant to test a new idea in memory formation

Drs. Bruce McNaughton and Robert Sutherland, neuroscientists from the University of Lethbridge’s Canadian Centre for Behavioural Neuroscience, will explore a hypothesis about memory formation thanks to a grant of $918,000 over five years from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).

“The U of L’s nexus of research and academic programming in neuroscience is internationally renowned,” says Dr. Robert Wood, vice-president (research). “Our University’s reputation and impact in this area is a direct reflection of foundational and novel research being conducted by talented neuroscience colleagues such as Dr. McNaughton and Dr. Sutherland. The strength and importance of this project is further reflected in the fact that only about 15 per cent of applications in the national CIHR competition were successful.”

As age-related memory problems are on the rise, McNaughton and Sutherland are looking to unlock some of the mysteries of the memory-making process and, if successful, their research could open up new avenues for therapeutic treatments.

Novel U of L instrument design published in Review of Scientific Instruments

An innovative concept developed by the University of Lethbridge’s Astronomical Instrumentation Group (AIG) was recently published in the prestigious Review of Scientific Instruments, a peer-reviewed scientific journal published by the American Institute of Physics (AIP) now in its 90th year. Although published by the AIP, the Review of Scientific Instruments is unique in that it reports on novel instrumentation from all branches of science and, as a result, has a high acceptance threshold.

The paper, titled An angle-scanned cryogenic Fabry-Pérot interferometer for far-infrared astronomy, by Dr. Ian Veenendaal (BSc ’13, MSc ’16, PhD ’20) et al, presents a novel design for a Fabry-Pérot Interferometer (FPI). An FPI is a spectrometer that is able to obtain high-resolution spectral images of distant astronomical sources, allowing astrophysicists to look back in time to study the formation and evolution of galaxies.

ARRTI researcher earns $642,600 CIHR grant to investigate complex process of ribosome formation

Long-term goal is to inhibit interactions between small RNAs and ribosomal RNAs thereby depriving cancer cells of protein factories.

Understanding one of the fundamental building blocks of life may also hold the key to unlocking new targets for the treatment of cancer. The University of Lethbridge’s Dr. Ute Kothe and her team will look to unravel the complex process of forming ribosomes, the body’s protein factories, through RNA research in a new five-year project that has received $642,600 in funding from the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR).

Identifying Critical RNA-RNA Interactions during Ribosome Biogenesis is the title of the project that will be based at the U of L and within the Alberta RNA Research and Training Institute (ARRTI), but also include collaborators at the Universities of Sherbrooke and McGill University in Quebec, as well as three German institutions.

Philosophy professor Brown named 2020 Speaker Research Award winner

Recognized as one of the world’s most influential contributors to paraconsistent (inconsistency-tolerant) logic, Dr. Bryson Brown has been named the winner of the 2020 University of Lethbridge Speaker Research Award.

Brown, professor and Chair in the Department of Philosophy, is regarded as a key contributor to an area of logic called paraconsistent logic, which allows non-trivial reasoning from inconsistent premises; he has also made influential contributions to the application of such logics in the history and philosophy of science.

Archaeology professor, Dr. Shawn Bubel, recognized as 2020 Distinguished Teaching Award winner

Employing a philosophy of teaching students on their terms, Dr. Shawn Bubel (BSc ’96) has found a way to bring out the best in her students, igniting a passion for archaeology and an even broader desire for lifelong learning.

An archaeology professor in the University of Lethbridge’s Department of Geography and Environment, Bubel is the winner of the 2020 Distinguished Teaching Award. She is being honoured as part of this year’s Fall 2020 Convocation celebration.

Bubel’s career path is testament to the University’s liberal education focus because it was during her undergraduate years at the U of L where Bubel, initially a chemistry major, changed her degree path to explore archaeology through an individualized multidisciplinary major. Her master’s and PhD studies took her to Belgium and the experiences from which she flourished have been incorporated into her teaching today.

Chemistry & biochemistry researcher, Dr. Ute Kothe, named a U of L Board of Governors Teaching Chair

With an approach based in the belief that an effective teacher facilitates understanding and the well-being, learning and development of students, Dr. Ute Kothe has been named a University of Lethbridge Board of Governors Teaching Chair.

An educator who teaches at all levels, from first-year undergraduate through post-doctoral supervision, Kothe eyes every opportunity to enable learning, pioneering community science outreach activities that spur the imagination and passion for new knowledge amongst the young and old alike.

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