When you keep it on campus and support Ancillary Services, it stays on campus

Skilled and qualified staff in each Ancillary department take considerable pride in providing contemporary services and products to the University Community through the following departments:

Bookstore 403-329-2611 bookstore@uleth.ca
Catering and Food Services    
Conference and Event Services 403-329-2244 cnf@uleth.ca
Housing Services 403-329-2584 housing@uleth.ca
Printing Services 403-329-2626 printing@uleth.ca

By supporting Ancillary Services, you also:

  • Support the university by keeping dollars local
  • Reduce the university’s carbon footprint by eliminating trips off campus
  • Get personal customer service from people that understand your departmental mission and needs

Keep it on campus and support your community today!

Support our campus community