Your guide to Lethbridge!

University of Lethbridge alumni were asked to give their advice and recommendations to new students as a way to make uLethbridge feel a little bit more like home. Check out what alumni have to say about Lethbridge’s best spots and how to make the most of your time as a student!

*submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

The Penny Coffeehouse

Bread Milk and Honey - “Get a cinnamon bun! But be sure to go early because they sell out!” – Lyndsay (BMgt ’09)

The Campus Coffee Company


Two Guys Pizza Place

Backstreet West - “The Jamie sandwich is life changing” – Taryn (BA/BEd ’13)

Lighthouse Japanese Restaurant

Mama La

Mocha Cabana Bistro - “They have fun specialty menu items and the BEST homemade giant oreo cookie sandwiches” – Sawyer (BMgt ’17)

Bull Trail Park

Elizabeth Hall Wetlands - “This is one of the only places in Alberta where the Western Painted Turtle lives and breeds.” – Michael (BA ’14)

Indian Battle Park

Nicholas Sheran Park

Henderson Park

Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden

Backstreet West

Hudsons Canada’s Pub

Pops West

Telegraph - “Great selection of beers on tap” – Tony (BSc ’08, MSc ’10)

Bright Lights Festival

Dragonboat Festival

Lethbridge Electronic Music Festival


Whoop Up Days - “Just keeps getting better and better every year! Bigger entertainment names and they’re starting to get some of that cool fairway food!” – Lesley (BN ’05)

Club Didi/Theatre Outré - “Tucked above one of the cutest streets in downtown Lethbridge is this secret hideaway!” – Kevin (BFA/BEd ’14)

CASA - “Not so hidden, but they have so many events for music and art.” – Kaitlin (BMus ’18)

The Sugar Bowl - “Go sledding at the sugarbowl in the winter.” – Corbin (BSc/BEd ’19)

Bulk Barn


SPC Card

CKXU Friends card

Abnormal Psychology

Introduction to Art

Exploring Creativity - “It sounds fluffy, but seriously, everyone should check it out just to stretch your comfort zone” – Kiri (BFA ’15)

Introduction to Archaeology

History of Rock and Roll

Skiing at Fernieor Castle Mountain

Waterton National Park - “Hands down. So many trails and the lake is beautiful.” – Kaitlin (BMus ’18)

Writing on Stone Provincial Park - “Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site!” Julia (BMus ’98)

Below you will find some words of advice from people who have been where you've been. Whether you're worried about balancing your studies with your social life or you want some tips on how to make the most of your uLethbridge experience, there's a little something for everyone!

Please note that submissions have been edited for length and clarity. Given the volume of submissions received, only a portion are being shared here. 


  • “Take advantage of the small size of the U of L. Get to know your profs, go visit them in their offices, ask for clarification on assignments you don't understand and remember you came to university to have your views challenged and to learn new concepts.” – Cody (BA ’13)


  • “I would just talk to people I sat near in class and in between classes. I found most first years were just as anxious and unsure as I was, and they were happy to engage in some friendly conversation.” – JJ (BEd ’07)


  •  “All students should join at least one club. University is about way more than just what happens in the classroom.” – Deanna (BA ’06)


  • “Understand that university is not what you think it is. You will have some great successes but there will also be some spectacular failures. The work is different, and the expectations are different, but don’t let that scare you. Embrace the failures, because this time is for you to figure out what it is you really want to do.” –Brendan (BA ’16, MA ’18)


  • “There is no greater rush than loving what you are studying. This isn't drudgery, this is really cool, and you may not have the opportunity to go to uni in the future. Think of what you are doing now as world travel, travel with your ideas. Explore. Think. Learn. Ask questions.” – Pam (BA ’15)


  • “Explore all your options and interests before settling on a path. Also, if you have the opportunity to travel and live abroad, do it!” – Alena (BA ’10, MSc ’14)


  • “Your studies are incredibly important. You're paying for it/going into debt for it and using your time for it so don't take it too lightly. But at the same time don't overwork yourself into a stressful panic. Set aside at least a day in the week where you and friends can put homework on the back burner for an evening and unwind.” – Logan (BFA ’17)


  • “Find ways to keep yourself accountable – putting off little things can pile up and overwhelm you. I found success after I started keeping a routine. It is obvious you have to go to class every day, but eating healthy, getting regular exercise and studying a small amount (even 15-30 minutes a day) goes a long way. If you do it every day it stops feeling like such a chore.” – Daryl (BMgt ’19)


  • “It might feel hard and lonely, especially if you're from out of town, but it gets better... just give yourself time to adapt and take care of yourself.” – JoAnne (BA ’91)


  • “I struggled in my first year with balancing my course load and learning to live on my own. In my second year I sat down with academic advising and made a course plan, then we set goals to help me follow that plan. I was able to better choose courses that interested me and fulfilled my requirements.” – Sawyer (BMgt ’17)


  • “Don’t be afraid to take a class that seems interesting. You've got 4 years to work on your degree. Go on, learn a foreign language or something!” – Michael (BA ’14)


  • “University is a wild time. You’re balancing so much on your plate and it can be super stressful. Have grace for yourself, and never turn down free food.” – Mary (BFA ’16)


  • “Have fun and be responsible, but know when you need to take a break. Treat your body well and listen to what it has to say. If you need sleep, go sleep. If you need vegetables or fruits, eat that!” – Kaitlin (BMus ’18)


  • “You can always change your degree, don't feel like you have to stick with a major or minor because that’s what you originally thought you wanted.” – Jennifer (BA ’18)


  • “It's okay to talk to someone about anything! Whether it's a close friend, professor, family member, or the great counsellors on campus. We all get help through our degree, and professors are on your side. They want to make sure you understand the content, so don't be afraid to talk to them if you need help, an extension, etc. Life happens and we're all human.” – Taelynn (BFA ’15)


  • “This new phase of your life will offer opportunities that will never come again (travel, study abroad, being part of interesting projects etc) make sure you keep your eyes and heart open for great challenges and opportunities.” – Lucie (MA ’84)