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Dr. Anne Dymond

Lecture topic: Is it too late to switch my major? Or how I learned to live with doubt

Dr. Anne Dymond
Anne Dymond is an Associate Professor of Art History and Museum Studies. Her most recent research critiques Canadian art museums for the distance between their rhetoric and their reality around diversity and inclusion. When an early reviewer of the manuscript called it “brave,” Anne was pretty sure that was code for “career suicide.” But she published it anyways. Diversity Counts: Gender, Race, and Representation in Canadian Art Galleries (MQUP 2019) peaked at #8 on the bestseller list .... well, technically the somewhat less competitive Art Museums bestseller list.

She is currently a Board of Governor's Teaching Chair. Last year she was awarded the University's Senate Volunteer Award and the Lethbridge YWCA Women of Distinction Award for her work with refugees. More importantly, Anne has a family she adores, does work she finds meaningful, tries to do some good in the world, and is, overall, pretty happy. She is still figuring things out, and has learned the most important things while working with students and others who are actively trying to make the world a better place.


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Is it too late to switch my major? Or how I learned to live with doubt