Dinner for Six

Dinner for Six is an opportunity for University of Lethbridge students to connect with alumni and community members through engaging conversation and a delicious meal. Between November 18 and 27, 2019, hosts will provide a dinner for students, sharing either a home-cooked, catered or purchased meal.

For students, this is an opportunity to have conversations with those who have been in their shoes. For alumni and community members, this is a way to give back in a meaningful way. For everyone involved, Dinner for Six provides the opportunity to connect between delicious bites.

Dinner for Six is organized and coordinated by the Philanthropy, Advancement, Community and Traditions club (PACT), and supported by the Alumni Relations office. Learn more about PACT here.  This initiative was inspired by UCLA’s Dinner for 12 Strangers program.  

Interested in hosting or attending a dinner? Explore the tabs below to learn more! 


Guidelines and expectations of hosts: 

  • Hosts must be uLethbridge alumni and/or community members who live in the Lethbridge area. Participation is limited to Lethbridge and area to minimize transportation challenges for students. This is the first year of the program and we are hoping to expand in upcoming years.
  • Hosts are responsible for covering the cost of the dinner, whether cooked at home or purchased from a restaurant. 
  • No alcohol can be served. 
  • Dinners should last anywhere from two to three hours.  
  • When applying as a host, please note if you can accommodate dietary restrictions in the meal you provide (i.e., gluten free, vegan, etc.). This information will be used when recruiting and placing students. 
  • Hosts will be paired with a student member of the Philanthropy, Advancement, Community and Traditions club (PACT). The PACT host will be the liaison between you and the Alumni Relations office as you work to organize your dinner and will attend the night of. They will look after communicating with your student guests, taking photos and will be on hand to assist as needed. 

Hosting tips: 

  • There is no need to provide a gourmet meal. Meals can be simple in nature - buffet or family style will suffice. 
  • Don’t worry if you don’t have a table large enough to accommodate your guests. You are only obligated to host as many people as you are able. Feel free to get creative with your space by hosting the dinner in your living room or another area of your home that works! 
  • If you are planning on having the meal at a restaurant, please make a reservation in advance.  
  • Consider a theme such as a game night, where you play board games while enjoying dinner. Or hold a short social hour before dinner, where guests can meet one another and enjoy appetizers while waiting for everyone to arrive. Please keep your PACT host in the loop about any themes or social hours you want to incorporate. 


Apply to be a host! 

*Please note we have limited hosting opportunities available. Applications are open until November 4, 2019. You will be contacted regarding the outcome of your application. 

Tips and guidelines for attending a dinner 

  • Think of questions you might want to ask your alumni host. Remember: they were once uLethbridge students themselves, and they might have some interesting insights or stories to share with you! 
  • Nervous about attending a dinner on your own? Invite a friend to sign up with you! 
  • Make note of any food restrictions/allergies that you have when signing up. Please register for a dinner night that can accommodate the dietary restrictions you have. 


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