Condolence Notices

In Memoriam

The U of L’s founding president Dr. W.A. Sam Smith (LLD ’90) always maintained, “people matter ultimately.” This sentiment has remained at the heart of the U of L over the last 50-plus years. We are deeply saddened by the loss of the following members of our community. We thank them for letting the U of L be part of their story, and we extend our sincere condolences to their family and friends.


Dale Miller (BASc (BA) ’80)

Passed away July 13, 2018


Willis Lowe (BASc (BA) ’87)

Passed away July 20, 2018


Reg Schacher (BMgt ’83)

Passed away August 30, 2018


Dale Taylor (BASc (BA) ’76, BEd '76)

Passed away September 13, 2018


Karen Hamilton (BMgt ’06)

Passed away September 30, 2018



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