Alumni Instagram Takeover

University of Lethbridge Alumni Instagram Takeover

User Agreement & Guidelines


Content Prompts & Guidelines:

Below are several prompts to generate ideas for your own Takeover week. You are encouraged to browse the Instagram account to see what other alums have done for their own takeover weeks. Do your best to showcase your own unique interests, perspectives and experiences!


General Guidelines

1. Your first post will introduce yourself to our followers. This should include your name, your degree and your graduation year. It is going to be your first point of contact with a group of people who may not already know you, so it’s good to aim for high energy and excitement! Also, if you have a personal Instagram account we encourage you to let your followers know that you are doing a Takeover on the @ulethalumni account so that they can see what you are up to for the week.

2. The body of your posts are an opportunity for you to really let your audience get to know you. Talk about your interests, your job, your hobbies, meaningful advice, what being an alum means to you, how your time at uLethbridge has shaped you, etc. Below are several prompts to get you started:

  • Where are your favourite spots in Lethbridge/wherever you currently live?
  • How did you get into your current job/company?
  • What is your most interesting hobby/pastime?
  • Are you involved in any volunteer work/service projects?
  • Tell us about your program of study at uLethbridge! This may include what made you interested in studying at the University of Lethbridge, different clubs you were involved in as a student, how your studies impacted you, etc.
  • What does a perfect weekend look like to you? Show us!

3. It is also important to remember that during your Takeover week, you are representing the University of Lethbridge. It is important that you keep the reputation of your school and your fellow alumni in mind when posting. Therefore, please DO NOT post the following:

  • Profanity
  • Drug use
  • Personal attacks on students, faculty, or anyone else
  • Pictures or videos containing nudity
  • Personal information regarding individuals without their permission
  • Business promotions
  • Opinions regarding politics or University policies

4. Your last post is your chance to say goodbye to the @ulethalumni account followers. Here, you’ll officially bid adieu as your Takeover week comes to a close. If you want, you are welcome to direct our followers to your personal Instagram page, where they may find more information about what you have been up to since graduation.


Post Expectations

In the span of a Takeover week, participants are ideally expected to make 1 post per day. Each post should focus on a slightly different aspect surrounding the alum’s experience. For example, the first post will be an introduction, the second post might be about how they got involved in their current line of work, the third post might be about a hobby that they have, etc. Please try to ensure a minimum of 4 posts and a maximum of 7 posts through the duration of your Takeover week.


Additional Information

1. It is okay to respond to comments or questions posed, but please let us answer any questions that relate directly to Alumni Relations or the University.

2. Please do not use any third-party apps to post content to our Instagram account.

3. You are not permitted to change or alter the account’s handle, password or associated email account. Please do not share the account password with anyone – you are the only authorized user and will be held accountable for all posts.

4. The Instagram account will be monitored. Alumni Relations reserves the right to delete any post and to revoke your account access at any time for any reason.

5. If you agree to participate in the Instagram Takeover, you are agreeing to follow the University of Lethbridge Social Media Guidelines and to adhere to the above stated conditions and attached instructions. If you have no objections, please sign and date below, and continue answering the rest of the questions.