The University Scholars Program

Established in 2007, the University Scholars Program recognizes and promotes research excellence across all Faculties within the University of Lethbridge. The award is intended to provide support for on-going research activities and develop capacity beyond the term of the award. This award is not intended to be an end-of-career recognition. In 2014, the University restructured the Board of Governors Research Chair (BoGRC) and University Scholar programs. The BoGRC program has been expanded to include two strata (Tier I and Tier II), with the former continuing to reward faculty with a distinguished record of internationally recognized scholarly activity and the latter intended for early to mid-career researchers with outstanding potential for the same. University of Lethbridge Scholars will retain the University Scholar title for the duration of the award, with Tier II BoGRCs gradually established as the U of L Scholar program expires.

To learn more about the revised Board of Governors Research Chair Program, click here.

Current and Previous University Scholars

2014-2017 Education Kas Mazurek
  Social Sciences Abdie Kazemipur
  Fine Arts Josie Mills
2013-2015 Management Michael Basil
  Health Sciences Judith Kulig
  Sciences Mark Walton
  Humanities Carol Williams
2012-2014 Education Janice Rahn
  Fine Arts Peter Visentin
  Social Sciences Judith Whitehead
2011-2013 Management Debra Basil
  Humanities Maria Ng
  Sciences Louise Barrett
  Health Sciences Not awarded
2010-2012 Education Amy von Heyking
  Social Sciences Catherine Kingfisher
  Fine Arts Not awarded
2009-2011 Health Sciences Judith Kulig
  Humanities Heidi MacDonald
  Sciences Marc Roussel
  Management Mahfooz Ansari
2008-2010 Education Brian Titley
  Fine Arts Lisa Doolittle
  Social Sciences Claudia Malacrida

Further information

For further information and assistance, please contact Dr. Claudia Malacrida, Associate Vice-President (Research) at 403-329-2738 or