50x50 Research Chairs campaign

Research Chairs at the University of Lethbridge validate our strengths across numerous fields of study and they represent our priorities for growth and investment. Research Chairs are high profile academic appointments and the faculty who earn this recognition lead the research programs that confirm our strength and shape our future.

At the University of Lethbridge, Research Chairs are appointed in areas of strategic priority and are sponsored by many different sources, including: provincial or national funding agencies (i.e., Canada Research Chairs (CRC) program, Campus Alberta Innovation Program (CAIP)); philanthropic donation (i.e., Emmy Droog Research Chair CAM); industrial partnerships (PGA), as well as our own institutional program. Established in 2000, The Board of Governors Research Chairs (BoGRC) is an internally adjudicated Research Chair appointment that acknowledges the exceptional scholarly distinction of those faculty members whose long-standing accomplishments and scholarly contributions also confirm our successes.

As we approach our fiftieth year, we are faced with a new challenge: elevate our research success and sustain our hold as one of Canada’s most influential comprehensive universities. The strategy to achieve this outcome is simple and straightforward – reinvigorate the Board of Governors Research Chair Program and appoint recognition where the potential for capacity building is most promising. Our goal is 50 Research Chairs by our 50th Anniversary.

BoG Research Chairs ¦ Canada Research Chairs

Board of Governors Research Chairs

The Office of the VPR issued a Call for Applications for up to five new University of Lethbridge Board of Governors Research Chair (BoGRC) appointments. This call represents a revitalization of our internal program for the recognition of excellence in scholarship within our institution.


  • We struck a new committee - the Board of Governors Research Selection Committee - to review and recommend recipients. Chaired by the interim Associate Vice-President Research, the committee consists of representatives from the five faculties as well as the Students' Union and Graduate Students Association.
  • We R received 26 submissions.
  • The BoGRC Selection Committee is reviewing the 26 applications for these prestigious appointments. The committee will recommend a short-list of up to 10 applications that will be sent for external review. We anticipate the short-list results in the coming weeks, and we will notify each applicant about the status of his/her application when the short-list is finalized. We are in the process of confirming our external reviewers and remain committed to a decision by early April.

Canada Research Chairs

The Office of the Vice-President Research issued an open Call for Thematic Proposals for a Tier II Canada Research Chair (CRC). The CRC opportunity has come available as a result of the timing of the term of one of our existing CRC Tier I appointments. As a result of Tri-Council "corridor flexibility" rules, we have opted to allocate this Tier I appointment as two Tier II appointments, a decision that reflects an investment in the growth and diversification of our research portfolio. One of these positions has been allocated to the Department of Biological Sciences. The other will be allocated through an 'open call,' and may be appointed within any Tri-Council discipline (CIHR, NSERC, or SSHRC).


  • By requesting thematic proposals, not specific CRC candidates, it is hoped that we are able to identify an area of expertise that would benefit from the CRC either through the Chair’s contribution to a research niche or build on an area of existing strength. We received 19 proposals:
    • Aboriginal Entrepreneurial Leadership
    • Agriculture, Food and Energy
    • An Interdisciplinary Appointment across Neuroscience & Education
    • Cognitive Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
    • Cultural Politics and Social Change
    • Data Visualization
    • Digital Humanities
    • Diversity and Inclusion in Therapeutic Recreation
    • Environmental Dynamics in Oil Sands & Northern Regions: Disturbance, Reclamation & Ecological Integrity
    • Human Sexuality Research
    • Hydrogeology, Groundwater Resources and Aqueous Geochemistry
    • Language
    • New Challenges in Data Analysis
    • Number Theory
    • Organofluorine Chemistry
    • Planetary Remote Sensing
    • RNA Bioinformatics
    • Sustainability, Resilience, Integrative Management
    • Teahertz Instrumentation for Experimental Astrophysics
  • The GFC Research Committee reviewed the proposals and provided a recommendation leading to the decision that the CRC position be appointed in the thematic area of RNA Bioinformatics. This proposal was a joint submission by the Departments of Chemistry & Biochemistry (Wieden) and Biological Sciences (Selinger and Russell) and will serve to broaden our reach in RNA research across disciplines. We will begin to advance the development of this file as soon as possible.

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