Reporting Units

Faculty of Arts & Science

Largest U of L faculty, housing disciplines within the Humanities, Sciences, and Social Sciences.

Art Gallery

The University of Lethbridge Art Gallery houses one of the most significant art collections in Canada, numbering over 13,000 objects.123

Faculty of Education

Offers one of the most unique teacher training programs in the country.

Information Technology Services

Provides customer-focused, innovative, holistic IT solutions that advance the University towards its vision and strategy for enhanced learning and research.


Faculty of Fine Arts

Providing professors, facilities and technologies to enable you to meet the challenges of sharing the fine arts in a global community.

Institutional Analysis

Provides statistical reporting and analytical research that inform the decision making, policy formulation, budgeting, and planning.

Faculty of Health Sciences

Offering Bachelor of Health Sciences and Bachelor of Nursing Programs.


International Centre for Students

Faculty of Management

A leader in the field of management undergraduate education.

Registrar's Office and Student Services

Admissions, registration, careers, convocation, counselling programs, scholarships, student loans, transcripts.

School of Graduate Studies

Offering quality graduate education in diverse disciplines. See Western Canadian Deans of Graduate Studies Agreement

Teaching Centre

Provides teaching support and professional development opportunities for university instructors.

University of Lethbridge Library

Records Management, archives & special collections, interlibrary loans, information & research assistance, education curriculum lab