Waterton Lakes National Park

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Natural Resources

An area that is as beautiful as Waterton Lakes National Park also has hidden resources that are being harvested . Waterton was the site of the first oilwell in Alberta. As this photo shows, the fact was well publicized but the date is misleading in this photo. Oil was not discovered until the 1900's.

 The oil boom of the early 1900's was short lived and people do not like the idea of the beauty of the Park being spoiled by the sight of the drilling equipment. Since then any attempt to collect the benefits of the resources in Waterton has met with sharp criticism. However, the need for resources has necessitated the harnessing of the natural resources in this area, especially water resources.

The following are some links to sites with information on the natural resources of Waterton Lakes National Park.

Natural Gas Plant at Waterton

Canadian Hydro Developers Current Projects

Waterton Reservoir

Waterton River

Irrigation District Reservoirs

Waterton Test Results - Canadian 88 Energy Corporation


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