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Welcome!  This Waterton Lakes Virtual Field Trip is one in a series of virtual field trips of southern Alberta. The purpose of this site is to provide an opportunity to observe many of the things that one would see on a real field trip in this area. It also provides access to information and data about the area, the national park and its many unique features. This project was supervised by Dr. Robert Rogerson, Professor of Geography, at the University of Lethbridge.

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Prince of Wales Hotel, Waterton


  Waterton Lakes National Park is located right on the United States-Canada border in the southwest corner of Alberta and forms one half of the world's first International Peace Park. It is not on any rail line, nor do any major highways run through it. Visitors make their way to this backwater park because of its treasures -- rugged mountain scenery, beautiful wildflowers and wide ranging wildlife. The landscape at Waterton Lakes National Park undergoes dramatic transitions to create some of the best scenery in Alberta. This area is characterized by a chain of deep glacial lakes and and towering mountains with irregularly shaped peaks. At the base of these alpine peaks lies the prairie with its own rich mix of wildlife and vegetation. This is truly an area where the prairies meet the peaks.

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Waterton - Glacier International Peace Park

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