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Waterton Biosphere Reserve

One of the most interesting parts of Waterton Lakes National Park is the Waterton Lakes Biosphere Reserve. The biosphere reserve promotes public awareness of resource management and environmental concerns. This spot of unspoiled beauty has provided a wealth of information and is part of a global symposium.

I have listed here some links to sites that provide more information and statistics from the Waterton Biosphere Reserve.


An Introduction to the Waterton Lakes Biosphere Reserve

Map of Canadian Biosphere Reserves

Waterton Biosphere Facts

Frequently Asked Questions - Biosphere Reserves

What are Biosphere Reserves?

EMAN First National Meeting Report

Directory of EMAN Site - Waterton

Waterton Biosphere Reserve - Larry Frith

Waterton Lakes Biosphere Reserve Statistics

International Biosphere Reserves

Waterton's Connection to Agenda 21

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