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Welcome to the Southern Alberta
Virtual Field Trip

Photograph by Dr. Van Christou.

The Virtual Field Trips have been developed independently by Geography students at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada.

The purpose of the Virtual Field Trips is to increase education and awareness of the natural and cultural features of southern Alberta. They may be used by teachers, students, tourists, or any interested in learning. The Virtual Field Trips provide preparation before actually visiting a place as well as the ability to revisit and remember the experience.

There are presently 7 Virtual Field Trips for southern Alberta
(south of the city of Calgary) which are:

  • Cypress Hills Virtual Field Trip
  • Milk River Virtual Field Trip
  • Lethbridge Virtual Field Trip
  • Waterton Lakes Virtual Field Trip
  • Waterton Lakes Virtual Field Trip (2)
  • Crowsnest Pass Virtual Field Trip
  • Castle Crown Wilderness Virtual Field Trip
    Oldman River Virtual Field Trip

    In addition to these Virtual Field Trips, thare are many towns, cities, and parks which may be visisted through the Internet of in the real world. Select the map icon below to begin your virtual tour of southern Alberta!

    Dr. Van Christou, a well known local photographer, has allowed us to use some images of southeastern Alberta which appear in his superb book, "Land of Shining Mountains".    In this internet slide show, you can experience the mountains, prairies, and badlands of this magnificent area.

      This project was supported by grants to Dr. R. J. Rogerson
    from The University of Lethbridge Teaching Development Fund
    and from the Government of Alberta's Learning Enhancement Envelope.

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