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Milk River, Alberta

"...the area is supplied with unusual topographic features, most of which are a direct product of the Laurentide glaciation and post-glacial activity by streams and the wind..."
from The Landscapes of Southern Alberta by Beaty
The Milk River originates in Montana (U.S.A.), flows into Alberta (Canada), then returns to Montana eventually joining the Mississippi River and draining into the Gulf of Mexico. This virtual field trip focuses on that area surrounding the Milk River as it travels through Alberta, an area which includes Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park.

The purpose of the Milk River Virtual Field trip is to provide an opportunity for individuals to experience this unique and diverse part of Southern Alberta, Canada. In this virtual field trip, one can learn about the formation of hoodoos, see images of native rock art, and explore the history that founded this area.

Select a topic from the list below to begin your journey.
If you are not familiar with the Milk River area, I suggest that you begin with a look at a map, then take a look at "About the River" and "Hoodoos".

Natural History
Milk River Formation
Sweetgrass Hills
Human History
Native People
North West Mounted Police
Early Settlement
Southern Alberta
Flora and Fauna
The Milk River
About the River
Places to Visit
Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park

This web page was developed by D. Russill, a student at the University of Lethbridge as part of her B.Sc. in Urban and Regional Studies. This project was supported in part by a grant to Dr. R. Rogerson from the University of Lethbridge Teaching Development Fund. 

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