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A Windy City
    Lethbridge is known as Alberta's windy city because it is home to extreme wind speeds, sometimes reaching a hurricane velocity of 120 km/hr.  At 120km/hr, it is not something one can easily become accustomed to.  Instead, winds between 40 and 70 km/hr are speeds the citizens are used to and actully call "breezy".
                                        photo by: S. Pigeon
                                                                                                        Intersection of Scenic and Mayor Magrath Drive S.
The placard underneath the wind gauge reads:
                                              When ball hangs at 22 degrees: A Lethbridgian considers it
                                              When ball hangs at 45 degrees: A Lethbridgian considers it
                                                                                          "FAIRLY CALM"
                                              When ball hangs at 90 degrees: A Lethbridgian considers it:
                                                                                          "LITTLE WINDY"
                                               When chain stretches: A Lethbridgian considers it:
                                                                                           "KIND of BRISK"
                                               When chain breaks: A Lethbridgian considers it:
                                                                                           "SURE WINDY"

    Not only are the citizens affected by the wind, but the land is affected as well.  Some believe the main main process in the coulee development was the wind.  Today, it drives at the land and affects the soil in the farmers' fields as well as people's golf games!

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