Nicholas Sheran

taken from Lethbridge: A Centennial History, p. 36.
     Nicholas Sheran was not always a coal miner.  Before he came to Lethbridge, Sheran was a man of many trades.  At one time, he was pioneer in Montana, and if that was not adventure enough, he was also a sailor who was shipwrecked in the far north.  When he came to Lethbridge, Sheran was involved in the whiskey trade, but straightenned out with the arrival of the Northwest Mounted Police.  In 1874, he made a monumetal decision to open a coal mine in the Lethbridge region.  Little did he know that coal, as an industry, would grow to be one of Lethbridge's industrial backbones. 
    Here in Lethbridge, he made a life with his wife, Awatoyakew, who happened to be Peigan.  They had two sons together named Charles and William.

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