Shonny's Little Helpers       

  Dr. Robert J. Rogerson:  thanks for all of your wonderful advice and helpful guidance during the
                                                     course of this independent study.  No one could have ever had a better
                                                     supervisor, especially since I am the BIGGEST procrastinator in the
                                                     world.  Thanks for the opportunity Dr. Rog, and expect an ugly
                                                     post card from Dinosaur Provincial Park this summer buddy!

  My Mom and Dad:  you guys rock!

  Dawn Collins, Lisa Hickman and Rhonda Jackson: you all know why!

  Ina Fisher: my best friend and probably the only person I know who can handle everything
                              I throw at her.

  Dr. Gail Michener: Thanks for all the information on Richardson's Ground Squirrels.  God knows
                                         we all need to know a little more about the little critters!

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