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Flora and Fauna

     In the Lethbridge region, there is a wide array of vegetation and wildlife.  The prairie vista is loaded with grassland, as far as the eye can see.  Not only is the land covered by grass (fescue and other species), but in the rich riparian ecosystems, shrubs and cottonwood trees dominate.  If you look closer, the wildlife is just as abundant.  In Southern Alberta, the fauna spans from mule deers to Canada Geese to Richardson's Ground Squirrels to Rattlesnakes and finally to human beings.  In the area surrounding Lethbridge, as well as in the city, there is plenty to see besides man made attractions.  On the University of Lethbridge campus, urban parks as well as on Whoop-Up Drive, mule deer and cotton tail rabbits are often seen, giving the city a more green approach.

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