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    According to history, Lethbridge was built on three industries, farming, coal and railway traffic.  The city no longer relies on coal and railway traffic, but it is still very much based in agriculture.  The Lethbridge Research Station was built in the vacinity of Lethbridge in order to support the farmers with long term research with the development of new plant hybrids, animal feeds, etc.
    Lethbridge is home to four industrial parks which house such industries as Canbra Foods, Pratt and Whitney and Palliser Distilleries.  Lethbridge is also a regional service center with large retail area.  It has 5 malls, a thriving downtown as well as west Lethbridge, which is like a community on its own.  West Lethbridge has its own mall (West Village) equipped with a bank and a grocery store.

  Demographics             The Lethbridge Herald - What's going on in Lethbridge?

  Retail Area

Downtown Lethbridge in the summer!