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    A wise person once told me that "if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes".  Such is the case in Southern Alberta, since the weather is quite finicky.  This is due to the three air masses which created the cool, semi-arid climate.

                                                        1.  Warm, Dry winds from the west
                                                        2.  Arctic Systems from the north
                                                                        A system of cold and dry air only to be interrrupted by a

                                                        3. Gulf air from the south
                                                                         Air from the Gulf of  Mexico brings moisture, although
                                                                         somewhat unreliably.

(Human Geography, p. 123)

What is the Weather like in Lethbridge?
                      A temperature update as well as a forecast for the week ahead.

    Lethbridge: A Centennial History perfectly typifies the climate and landscape when it describes the prairies of Southern Alberta as "high plains country, chinook country, its air like a blade or blow torch, its sky fitting close and tight to the horizon and the great bell of heaven alive with light, clouds, heat, stars, wind, incomparable weathers."  (p.11).

     The climate in Southern Alberta is the tale of two extremes.  The temperature can get to be extremely cold in the winter months or extremely hot in the summer, to the point where it is unbearble to live without an air conditioning system.  Here is a table of statistics which give an overview of temperatures, average wind speed and precipitation.
                                                Link to Lethbridge Climate Chart

Some of Lethbridge's Famous Attibutes

A Windy City

Palliser's Triangle

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