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Map of the City of Lethbridge

    Lethbridge is a city of 64 000 + people.  Its main traffic arteries are known for their ability to get through the city in less then fifteen minutes as well as transport people to their destination in an efficient fashion.  The city is home to L.A. transit, the public transit system, plus there are a number of taxi cabs to shuttle the citizens and visitors around the area.

    The map provided illustrates the main traffic arteries like Mayor Magrath Drive, Scenic Drive and Sixth Avenue.  It also portrays some of the amenities of the city, such as the Regional Airport, the University of Lethbridge and Lethbridge Community College.

Note:  For a bigger, more detailed map, click on the image.

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A Map of Alberta

    Lethbridge is located in Southern Alberta where the prairies meet the horizon!  It is situated very close to the United States/ Canadian border.  A day trip into the United States is very common to the citizens of Lethbridge for some shopping in Great Falls, Montana (highway 4) or sightseeing in Glacier National Park (highway 5).  Lethbridge is very close to Alberta's own Rocky Mountains, located along highway 3.  The main traffic artery in Alberta which stretches vertically accross the province is highway number 2.  It links the two main cities, Edmonton and Calgary as well as joining up with highway 3, where Lethbridge is located.

Road conditions in Lethbridge, Alberta (AMA <http://www.ama.ab.ca/roadrep/pages/leth.htm>

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