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Welcome to a Virtual Field Trip
of Cypress Hills, Alberta.

Photograph by 
Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, Alberta.
Located in southeastern Alberta, the Cypress Hills 
are a unique geological formation which rises 
450 to 750 meters (1,500 to 2,500 feet) above the surrounding plains. (Beaty, 1975)

There are two ways to approach this Virtual Field Trip. First, you can follow through Day 1 to Day 6 at the bottom of each page or you can simply read about the topics of interest listed at the top of each page. Each photograph and map can be enlargened by clicking right mouse button on the image. As well, you can receive more information on references by either clicking on the linked reference or by visiting the References web page.

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This web page was developed by D. Russill, a student at the University of Lethbridge as part of her B.Sc. in Urban and Regional Studies. This project was supported in part by a grant to Dr. R. Rogerson from the University of Lethbridge Teaching Development Fund.

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