The Crowsnest Pass
A Virtual Field Trip
Photo by D. Collins
This is one in a series of virtual field trips created by geography students at the University of Lethbridge.  The field trips are of various locations throughout southern Alberta.
The Crowsnest Pass is home to some of Alberta's most spectacular mountain vistas.
Photo by D. Collins
The Crowsnest Pass is historically rich and its ecosystems are as unique as they are diverse.  The geology, geomorphology and archeology of the area are complex riddles still being deciphered.
This Web Page was developed by D. Collins, a University of Lethbridge student, as part of a BASc in Philosophy and Geography.  This project was supported in part by a grant to Dr. Robert Rogerson, Professor of Geography from the University of Lethbridge Teaching Development Fund.
To enter the Crowsnest Pass click on the flying crow!
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