Uses for Water In Southern Alberta . . .

Part A: Water Consumption patterns in Southern Alberta and Canada. There are 4 main uses for river and freshwater in Canada and Southern Alberta. Namely they are Industry, Agriculture, Power Production, and Municipal/Personal Use. These all have significant impacts on the economy, leisure and livelihood of the Southern Alberta region.  However, it must be noted that fresh water though seeming infinite is often a non renewable resource. Thus it is in our best interest to keep the water clear for future generations!

(1) Industrial uses

    (2) Irrigation (link to Irrigation page of this site)

(3) Power Production

(d) Human Consumption
(2) Non Consumptive  Uses:


1.    Environment Canada,
        Date of Visit: 1. October 1, 1999
        (Use of water use diagram, statistics...)
       Date of Visit: 1. October 1, 1999