Welcome to the home page for the Oldman River!!!!

The purpose and goal of this web page is one of knowledge. That whoever may read this, might learn something about the Oldman River. More particularly, that you gain a well rounded insight to the regional geography, geology, cultural history, issues and the significance of the Oldman River to the people of Southern Alberta! Perhaps the most significant statistic I came across was that the Oldman River watershed is one of two rivers irrigated in southern Alberta. Couple this with the fact the Southern Alberta is the most irrigated region in Canada, accounting for more then 70% of irrigation in Canada, and you can easily see the significance of this "life giving" river to the agriculture, and settlement of southern Alberta. So as you read these pages, it is my wish as a scientist, educator, student and local resident that you the viewer will gain valuable insight and knowledge of the Oldman River!

To navigate through this virtual field of the Oldman River, use the tool bar to the left to select the pages you wish to read. I strongly recommend that you follow the pages in sequence to gain a well rounded insight into the interrelated issues of the Oldman River. Start with page 1 "maps" and learn about the spatial distribution and the region and move sequentially through the options in the tool bar. Enjoy!