1. Communities of Southern Alberta

It is interesting to note that in southern Alberta, outside the reserves, there is no town over 1000 that is further away then ten kilometer from a river. Visit these sites to gain a fuller understanding of the people, lives,  and industry that are such a integral part of their communities.
1.  Foremost
2. Lethbridge

3.  Fort MacLeod

4.  Pincher Creek


2. Museums and places of interest
There are many places of interest in Southern Alberta. They play an integral part in the recreation lives of Southern Albertan's. Check out these websites of premier parks and meseums in southern Alberta!
Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump
Crowsnest Pass

Other Links

1. Alberta Irrigation Projects Association (Aiapa)
2. Environment Canada, Fresh Water Rivers
3. Information on the Oldman River Sub Basin- flow rates etc.
4. Oldman River & Fishing
5. University of Lethbridge Geography Club
6. Southern Alberta: Virtual Field Trips
7. Traveling Alberta's South
8. Canada Water Uses
9. Oldman River Dam recreation
10. Flood of the century, June 1995

Special Thanks:

    First of all, I would like to thank Dr. Robert Rogerson for giving me this incredible opportunity to learn. Next,  I would like to thank my parents, through their support (6 years of it) I have had this opportunity to go to the University of Lethbridge. I also give gratitude to Environment CanadaEnvironment Alberta and the Government of Canada, for having such terrific websites- these were truly useful, and I made use of them often. Special credit is also due to the following: Renee Barendregt for your help on discovering the geomorphology of Southern Alberta, and making a wide array of information available to me. And a special thanks to you the viewer, for taking the time to partake on the virtual field trip of the Oldman River.

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