U of L In The News

U of L In The News


A preview of Brett Connolly's Stanley cup celebration and the Brock Hirsche Memorial Scholarship it benefits

University of Lethbridge partners with industry professionals to strengthen potato market in southern Alberta

The University of Lethbridge has opened the doors to its Potato Research Lab

Alberta farmers making tough decisions about whether to buy new equipment because of U.S. tariffs

Dr. Geoffrey Hale comments on how politics can get in the way of economic common sense

Athlete development program gets facelift

With the help of the U of L, the Athlete Enhancement Program is being enhanced

Nikka Yuko fundraiser to feature author with important story

The U of L throws its support behind the Golden Maple Reception

No place for women: Hilda Dove in the Arctic

Dr. Maura Hanrahan chronicles a woman's role in a famed Arctic expedition

Industrial real estate market going strong

A short-term boom in the real estate market associated with the U of L's massive Destination Project has led to secondary investment in industrial real estate

From Sri Lankan Tea to Alberta Peas

U of L adjunct professor Dr. Manjula Bandara is featured for his research work on pulse and special crops

VandenBerg crowned Miss Earth Canada

U of L student crowned Miss Earth Canada 2018 in Quebec over the weekend

Above ‘C’ level

A University of Lethbridge student from Medicine Hat is getting ready to spend a semester abroad

Editor’s Choice, Variation in senescence

Former graduate students, Dr. Patrick Barks and Zach Dempsey, along with current faculty Drs. Theresa Burg and John Laird have a paper featured

Nadine Lustre gives 5 beauty hacks

Dr. Javid Sadr's research on eyebrows and facial recognition is referenced

University of Lethbridge study suggests anxiety levels in rats drop with more interaction

The findings of a study by a U of L research team suggest female rats deal with less stress and are more curious about their surroundings when they have a more social lifestyle

Discover a surprising international world of art in Lethbridge

The U of L Art Gallery is featured as a destination spot for art lovers

Potato Growers of Alberta open field day to showcase potato research activities

The Potato Growers of Alberta (PGA) Field Day Open House will take place at the University of Lethbridge next week, August 17, 2018

Island birds would likely beat their mainland relatives in a battle of wits

Dr. Andrew Iwaniuk and researchers from Spain and Sweden have confirmed a connection between brain size in birds living on islands compared with their mainland counterparts

Canada's dispute with Saudi Arabia has agriculture industry on edge

Dr. Shamsul Alam says any trade dispute has far-reaching effects on the economy

U of L in a race to deep space

In the next few years, a little piece of University of Lethbridge technology could be giving observers here on Earth a grand view of a much larger universe.

The nascence of neuroscience in southern Alberta

How a small university in a little city in southern Alberta spurred the growth of modern neuroscience

End supply management

Jon Berry, Alan Oxley and Dan LeRoy suggest Canadian policy makers could learn lessons from Australia's experiences with phasing out supply management.