U of L In The News

U of L In The News

U of L student part of iGEM delegation

A University of Lethbridge student has joined a group presenting at a biological weapons convention

New West puts modern spin on classic ‘Hansel and Gretel’

Four University of Lethbridge drama graduates, now based in Calgary, return to entertain young audiences over the holiday season

Immigrants providing a boost to declining church attendance in Canada

Dr. Reg Bibby's research into religious statistics in Canada is cited

Pollinator conservation critical for protecting ecosystems

The U of L's Saikat Kumar Basu details how natural (biological) pollinators constitute an important aspect of our natural environment and ecosystems

'Christmas Catholics' an opportunity to grow Church

Dr. Reg Bibby's latest books highlight the ever-changing status of Catholicism in Canada

Hockey Talk - Author Gordon Hunter

An interview with Gordon Hunter, professor emeritus at the University of Lethbridge and author of the book Hockey Talk

Putting science to work solving real-world problems – and winning awards

U of L iGEM students have a winning history at the annual International Genetically Engineered Machine jamboree

Dalemead forward fitting into new role with Pronghorns

Dalemead’s Mark Rodehutskors is playing a part in one of the Pronghorns’ most successful seasons in recent years

Red Nose gives 318 safe rides

It’s all good news from Operation Red Nose, the holiday safe-drive service organized at the University of Lethbridge

Help your child play (right) to lay the foundation for future academic success

The experience of play changes the connections of the neurons in the pre-frontal section of a child’s brain, and that without play experience, those neurons remained unchanged

The little choir that grew ... the story of the Arnprior Community Choir

Alumna Lisa Webber plays a major role in helping established beloved community choir

Treasured collection donated to U of L

A few thousand rare editions helped establish one new addition at the University of Lethbridge library

Monkeys Trying to Have Sex With Deer Is a Thing Now, Says Study

Scientists at the University of Lethbridge in Canada publish a paper revealing what appear to be sex acts between young female Japanese macaques and sika deer

U of L professor honoured by research groupl-

Paul Vasey, a longtime member of the psychology department, is being honoured by the Canadian Sex Research Forum

Study aimed at getting rural gamblers help

A new University of Lethbridge study is being conducted within Alberta to help gamblers in rural communities get access to the help they need for free

U of L instructor makes LinkedIn Top Voices list

Dr. Jesse Martin, who teaches in the Department of Psychology, was named the eighth-most influential voice on education by LinkedIn

Karen Crowshoe appointed judge for Provincial Court of Alberta

A Piikani woman who’s taught at Red Crow College and the University of Lethbridge has been named a judge in the Provincial Court of Alberta

Climate change is already wreaking havoc on our weather, scientists find

Dr. James Byrne discusses climate change at this fall’s meeting of the American Geophysical Union in New Orleans

Focus on Climate Solutions, Panelists Say

Climate solutions “aren’t just windmills and solar panels,” says professor of geology James Byrne at the University of Lethbridge

A stand to protect women against violence with a campaign of their own

The U of L joined the international movement to create awareness of gender-based violence with their ‘Orange You Gonna Stop for an Orange?’ campaign