U of L In The News

U of L In The News

Vermilion harvest nearing completion

University of Lethbridge alumna Colette Thurston, an agronomist with Webb's Crop Services, discusses the fall harvest

Ag fieldman conference planned for Nanton

University of Lethbridge Associate Professor, Carol Williams, will be speaking on rural and urban reciprocity: ranching life, land use and labour on the southern Alberta foothills, Oct. 24

University of Lethbridge team wins top prize in synthetic biology competition

The U of L's iGEM team wins the the North American Regional, setting it up well for the international competition at MIT in November

How Being a Gay Boy is Like Having a Physiological Problem with Milk

Examining Dr. Paul Vasey's study of the Samoan fa'afafine and how they relate to feminine boys in North America, and their increased rates of wanting to stick close to their family

Habits of Community

U of L historian Dr. Heidi MacDonald considers the demographics of congregations of women religious during the past 160 years and traces their precipitous decline to a disturbing loss of community in society at large

The old way to be gay

Psychology professor Dr. Paul Vasey's research looks at how androphilic males persist in various cultures when logic dictates that 'gay genes' would not survive evolution

University of Lethbridge’s Dr. H.J. Wieden named Alberta Innovates-Technology Futures Bioengineering Chair

A $2-million investment, over five years, further enables Wieden’s research team to study how biological systems can be engineered to achieve breakthroughs in materials science, chemistry, biochemistry, health and nanoscience

Freeman guru says Calgary renter's actions are not condoned by movement

Political scientist Dr. Geoffrey Hale weighs in on the Calgary man's anti-government stance and how his attitude may have developed

Indian residential school focus of play to be performed at Empress Theatre in Fort Macleod

Former Faculty of Education member Ramona Big Head presents a poignant play with her son Carl Brave Rock, a current U of L student

Calgary International Film Festival: Q&A with Lethbridge filmmaker Deric Olsen about his film, Common Chord

New Media professor Deric Olsen discusses the making of Common Chord and the role the University of Lethbridge played in its creation

At the Galleries: Pointed, playful and political

The U of L Art Gallery assists artist Rita McKeough take her project, The Lion's Share, to Halifax

Experts say in politics, more money makes for more problems

Political scientist Dr. Harold Jansen says that modern leadership races are becoming akin to regular election campaigns

Beyond the call of duty

A look at Dr. Bryan Kolb and why the Confederation of Alberta Faculty Association honoured him with the Distinguished Academic Award for 2013

Sibling showdown at University of Lethbridge

Two Airdrie brothers play against each other for the first time in weekend Canada West soccer play

Calgary film festival features eclectic lineup

The feature film Common Chord has a number of connections to the U of L, including alumni and current students who played a big role in its creation

What are the 'odds'

U of L Art Gallery staffer Jane Edmundson presents an intriguing master's thesis project to gallery visitors

Native American art focus of new program

The University's new BFA in Native American Art reflects the importance of aboriginal art and culture both in the region and across North America

Alumnus brings anti-bullying campaign to campus

Manwar Khan's anti-bullying campaign comes to the U of L campus Sept. 14

The dusty road ninja

Dr. Dan Johnson (geography) discusses the amazing characteristics of the Carolina grashopper

Changing the grades

Dr. David Slomp discusses grading in the schools and how teachers are changing the way they assess students