U of L In The News

U of L In The News

Family learns to separate business, family

Alumnus Shaun Haney is profiled as he discusses running two agricultural businesses while balancing family life

Pianist Bartlett delivered every single time

A look at the life of honourary degree recipient and Lethbridge native Dr. Dale Bartlett

Rise in new city churches bucks secular trend

Sociologist Dr. Reg Bibby argues that Canada is undergoing a shuffling of the religious marketplace, with evangelical and Roman Catholic churches winning new adherents while many others suffer from declines

Mixtape Club launches with Vonnegut tribute

Alumnus Jesse Northey is quickly making a name for himself in the Edmonton music scene

Food banks a common Canadian staple

Faculty of Management professor Dr. John Usher discusses the role of food banks in Canadian communities

Signal Hill Equity Partners Expands Its Team in Calgary

Alumnus Brent Bieber, Faculty of Management (great distinction) graduate is added to Signal Hill Equity Partners's investment team of professionals

Jim Coutts gave us a better country

A look at the incredible life of Jim Coutts and his contribution to the fabric of Canadian society

Distinguished U of L alumnus passes away

A look back at the life of Dr. Helen Manyfingers, distinguished U of L alumna and influential educator

Reducing junk food consumption a taxing question

Faculty of Management professor Mike Basil weighs in on the debate over taxing junk food to lower obesity problems, noting it's not as simple a solution as it may seem

Jim Coutts was Trudeau's right hand

An in depth look at the life of Jim Coutts, one of the most influential politicians of his time and later friend of and donor to the University of Lethbridge

Babies don't develop handedness all at once

University of Lethbridge neurobiologist Dr. Claudia Gonzalez studies how infants and toddlers develop their right- or left-handed preferences

Influential Liberal adviser remembered for optimism, love of party

Remembering the contributions of Dr. Jim Coutts (LLD '12) to the Canadian political scene, the art world and the University of Lethbridge

The new 'drunk drivers' aren't drunk

Assistant psychology professor Dr. Javid Sadr comments on how today's 'drunk drivers' are not under the influence of alcohol but rather their smartphones

From the archives: Simons: 'I couldn't stop this guy from beating him. I felt helpless'

A look back at the courageous actions of University of Lethbridge alumnus Manwar Khan on an Edmonton transit train

The 2014 Outstanding Young Farmer nominee bios

University of Lethbridge alumna Lydia Ryall, who owns and operates a 10-acre certified organic mixed vegetable and pasture-based poultry operation in Delta B.C. is up for award

Study looking at historical injustices of sexual sterilization act

Claudia Malacrida, chair of the U of L’s sociology department, has embarked on a five-year study examining historical injustices under the province’s Sexual Sterilization Act

Green Party has lost 55 local riding associations since 2011 election

U of L political scientists Dr. Harold Jansen comments on the stunning number of deregistrations suffered by the Green Party in Canada

Website offers support for entrepreneurs

The Regional Innovation Network of Southern Alberta (RINSA) has redesigned its website in an effort to make it easier for entrepreneurs to find advisory, business development and funding support in the southern Alberta region

UN’s 2015 goals ‘a half-positive story,’ says U of L Prof

U of L Faculty of Management professor Sameer Deshpande says countries have made progress but not achieved the goals they set for themselves

We'll be home for 'Christmas'

U of L sociologist discusses how Canadians prefer to use the term 'Christmas' over 'holiday season', regardless of their religious leanings