500 by 50 campaign almost at goal

As the end of University of Lethbridge’s 50th anniversary year draws near, the Supporting Our Students Committee has been working hard to  push for new donors to join the campaign and is getting close to achieving its goal.

The 500 by 50 campaign launched in January with the aim to reach 500 staff, faculty and retiree donors by the close of the University’s golden year. This goal is firmly in sight says new SOS co-chair, Asheley Cowie.

SOS co-chair, Asheley Cowie.
“We’re less than 100 donors away from achieving our 500 by 50 goal and we’re so appreciative of the wonderful support we’ve received from our campus community,” says Asheley. “I’ve been a donor since February of ’08 because I feel like giving to SOS is an opportunity for staff and faculty to contribute to overall student wellbeing. By lifting some financial burden for students, it allows more time, energy and focus to be given to their studies rather than the stress of making all ends meet and still performing well academically.”

Fellow newly appointed SOS co-chair, Dr. Olu Awosoga, says helping students directly is a genuinely amazing experience and one that he is proud to be a part of.

“No donation is too small,” says Olu. “It can be as simple as a $10 per month donation through payroll deduction or a one -time donation to the Supporting Our Students fund. Every little bit helps make a difference.”

SOS co-chair, Dr. Olu Awosoga.

Donating to SOS has long been a part of new SOS co-chair, Lukas Neamtu’s (BSc ’08), routine. Now as a co-chair of the campus fundraising committee, he says he’s thrilled to be able to contribute more to student well-being.

“I have been an SOS donor since 2010. I joined because SOS called to me, it aligned with my belief that we all have a role to play in making our community better and provides me with a lot of pride and fulfillment.” says Lukas. “I am also excited to be a co-chair alongside Asheley and Olu – both are active members of the U of L community, strong agents to continually enhance the student experience, and all-around fantastic people!”

Aside from positively impacting students with financial support, the SOS committee believes giving is a way to take pride in where you work and the people you serve.

SOS co-chair, Lukas Neamtu.
“This campaign is an opportunity to look at our newly minted 50 year old community and take pride that we are a part of it,” says Asheley. “It’s a chance to give back through the SOS to the community that has done so much for us, professionally and personally. It is time to show our pride by supporting the next generation of uLethbridge student community so they can take pride in their choice to be here, excel academically, and do as we promise them: shine.”



If you’d like to join  the 500 by 50 campaign, click here or visit the website for more information. With only 85 new donors needed, now is the time to make a difference!