Rez Wars Coulee Clean Up on weekend

The University of Lethbridge's Organization of Residence Students (ORS) is holding another friendly Coulee Clean Up for on campus residents.

Rez Wars is a year-long friendly competition that awards sections of residence with points for their event winnings and energized involvement. Rez Wars stimulates a kind-hearted match and engages a large group of students with on campus social activities.

The Coulee Clean Up is set for Sunday, Sept. 24 at 2 p.m. Students will be given 45 minutes to hike through the coulee and pick up as much debris as possible. Debris collected by the participants will be divided into recycling and waste. The winning team will be determined by total volume collected.

"A major part of what we try to achieve here on campus is student engagement and social interaction. Rez Wars events have a great impact on the resident-wide involvement and interaction, which in turn provides a large sense of community here among on campus students," says Kyle Hammond, ORS President.

"We have a large group of high-spirited residents this year, and this event gives us the perfect opportunity to have everyone out to enjoy the last bit of fair weather while keeping our community green."