Dr. Dennis Fitzpatrick Vice-President (Research)

Welcome to the fall 2008 issue of FIAT: Furthering Innovation and Teaching

The U of L's growth as a comprehensive academic and research institution is reflected by our growth in research performance: the recruitment of 10 research Chairs; the development of the Prentice Institute for Global Population and our first endowed research Chair; and the evolution of the graduate program to embrace doctoral studies.

This year again, we have been successful in many provincial and national competitions, including those of the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research, Canadian Foundation for Innovation, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, National Sciences and Engineering Research Council, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council and others. In addition, eight successful applicants received awards from the newly established Community of Excellence in Research Development Opportunities (CREDO) program to further their endeavours in social science and humanities research. A listing of all our accomplished scholars is included in this issue. We applaud each of you and wish you continued success.

Breakthroughs in knowledge increasingly require the ability to address problems that cannot be solved by a single discipline. We must facilitate and invest in new models of collaboration and cooperation that enable us to engage partners in problem-solving and knowledge translation. The U of L remains committed to supporting multidisciplinary teams and projects that are both relevant and beneficial to our community. This issue of FIAT showcases a sampling of our collaborative success stories and the difference their research is making in the community.

Research excellence at the U of L is not limited to our faculty however. This year, 83 student recipients will share an average $12,863 in funding in 14 award categories. Three of them are featured on our back cover: Ambra Gullacher, an undergraduate student completing her studies in health sciences; Christopher Myhr, who through his studies here, has received a Fine Arts award to pursue a master's degree; and Craig Wheaton, who specifically chose our PhD program in chemistry and biochemistry.

Congratulations to all our successful academics and students. I hope you enjoy reading about some of their research in this issue of FIAT.