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CSA internship beckons for students

New Media majors Matthew Lunde and Matthew Jones are taking off to the far reaches of Montreal to do their internships with the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) starting in January 2012.

The pair represents the seventh and eighth students from the University of Lethbridge's new media program to be offered internships with the Canadian Space Agency since summer 2007.

Both students look forward to four months of hands-on work, incorporating methodology they have learned in their classes to assigned projects at the CSA.

CSA Internships
Matthew Lunde, left, and Matthew Jones are the latest new media majors to earn an internship opportunity with the Canadian Space Agency.

"I've never even been to Montreal," says Lunde. "I look forward to using the 3D modeling skills I've been learning at the U of L. I know I'll be learning a lot more while I'm there, and I'm really looking forward to it."

Jones concurs, looking specifically at the hands-on experience he'll gain.

"It will be exciting to do practical work in a field I'm interested building a career in," he says. "These opportunities don't happen every day."

BFA new media students may choose between doing an internship or advanced studio work during the final semester of their program.

"The CSA co-ordinates the students' complementary skill sets to advance their ongoing space-related projects," explains Anna Pickering, new media internship co-ordinator. "Our students have the valuable opportunity to participate in complex and rewarding work. Their first learning curve involves understanding and using a multitude of CSA acronyms. Students quickly get up to speed though, and these acronyms become part of their everyday conversation."

Meeting new people and experiencing life beyond the U of L add to the invaluable opportunities gained from working at the CSA.

"The internship provides challenging and relevant work experiences related to the students' school studies," adds Pickering. "And it may lead to future employment opportunities as well."

This story first appeared in the December 2011 issue of the Legend. If you'd like to see the full issue in a flipbook format, follow this link.