Campus Life

Celebrating donors

The Supporting Our Students 500 at 50 campaign has wrapped up and the co-Chairs could not be more pleased with the results.

“We have reached an all-time high for donor participation,” says Lukas Neamtu, 2017-2018 campaign co-Chair.

As part of the campaign, an impressive 464 donors contributed over $160,000.

“I am so proud to be a part of this amazing community where so many people go above and beyond to help our students succeed," adds Neamtu.

For some students, scholarships are the reason they are able to continue their studies. Madison Gerbrandt, fall 2017 SOS Scholarship recipient says, “I am able to continue my education this year thanks to your assistance. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“It is always a thing of joy to put a smile on a student’s face and to support their academic journey through your donations,” says Olu Awosoga, 2017-2018 campaign co-Chair. “Thank you to current SOS donors.”

This campaign and its goal challenged faculty, staff and retirees to extend their commitment of support to students beyond their formal roles.

“The 500 by 50 campaign was an awesome opportunity to show our students that we believe in their success now and for the next 50 years,” says Asheley Cowie, 2017-2018 campaign co-Chair believes.

Donor support helps foster a community of giving on campus and shows students we believe in them.

Lashonda Mitchell, a fall 2017 SOS Scholarship recipient is grateful that faculty, staff and retirees believe in her education as much as she does. She says,”thank you for choosing me” to receive this scholarship.  

On behalf of SOS Campaign co-Chairs Olu Awosoga, Asheley Cowie and Lukas Neamtu and the rest of the committee, thank you. The success of the campaign is significant because it has demonstrated what can be accomplished when we work towards a common goal. Thank you for putting students first and for showing them we are a campus that cares.

As for the goal of 500 donor participants, Neamtu says the quest for 500 is not over, and he believes donors should take a moment to reflect on and celebrate what they have accomplished together. Awosoga adds that he is looking forward to new donors joining the SOS family.

If you are interested in becoming an SOS donor, or for more information about the campaign, visit the SOS website.