Teaching Development Fund

The TEACHING CENTRE invites all faculty members to apply for financial support of up to $5000 for projects to enhance teaching effectiveness. Projects can be on any aspect of teaching, learning, and evaluation. Examples of past projects are:

  • Fair Assessment Practice in Higher Education: A Practical Guide (Faculty of Education)
  • Video and Image Package for a Canadian Economics Course (Economics Department)
  • Motion Analysis and Representation Techniques in New Media: Development of Teaching Strategies and Support Materials (New Media Department)
  • Standardized Patient Program (School of Health Sciences)
  • Web-Based Resources Designed to Introduce Students to the Scientific Method and Science Writing (Biological Sciences Department)
  • Understanding, Diagnosing, and Improving Team Climate in Student Teams (Dhillon School of Business).
  • Standardized Assessment of Information Literacy Skills for Undergraduate Students (Library)
  • Student Research on Team-Based Learning (Anthropology)

The TEACHING CENTRE will use the following criteria for judging the proposals:

  • Is the proposal eligible for funding through the TDF? The project enhances teaching effectiveness (you are strongly encouraged to talk to the Teaching Centre before applying) .
  • Budget: Is the budget clear, and are the items identified are eligible for funding through the TDF?
  • Feasibility/Clarity: is the project description in alignment with the objectives regarding the enhancement of teaching and learning?
  • Evidence the project is innovative and provides a creative approach to the problem it addresses.
  • Evidence of the potential for enduring benefits to the improvement of an individual’s teaching.
  • Evidence of the potential for enduring benefits to the improvement of teaching and learning for the broader university teaching community. The proposal contains a clear measure of performance to determine if the project has achieved its objectives.
  • The proposal contains clear measures of performance to determine if the project has achieved its objectives.

The TEACHING CENTRE will not consider applications that do not meet these criteria.

The recipient of a Teaching Development Fund allocation has a mandatory requirement to submit an article component for inclusion in Firefly: News from the Teaching Centre, or to deliver a workshop in conjunction with the Teaching Centre within six (6) months of the completion of their Teaching Development Fund project.

Applicants who qualify for this award will be tenured, have a tenure-track position, a 3-year term or a continuing appointment.  

It is expected that a recipient will be employed by the university for an extended period to ensure the completion of the project, to guarantee a presentation of findings and the submission of a final report.


To complete an application, use the application template that is linked below and email it to teachingcentre@uleth.ca.


If you have any questions about the application process, please call Jill Payant of the TEACHING CENTRE at jill.payant@uleth.ca or phone 403.380.1856.

Applications must be received in the office of the Teaching Centre(teachingcentre@uleth.ca) by October 15th, no later than 4:30 pm. Late applications will not be accepted. The competition results will be announced by December.


  • This is a competitive process with limited funds, and not all applications will receive funding, even if they meet the criteria above.
  • The Teaching Centre is available to assist you with the application submission process up to 3 working days prior to the submission deadline.
  • Applications must be submitted using the application template provided.  Applications that do not meet the criteria specified in the application template will not be considered. Only complete applications will be considered for funding. Late applications will not be accepted

If you have questions, please call 403.380.1856 or email teachingcentre@uleth.ca

Why Apply?

Past Winners

We have archived past Teaching Development Fund Winners here. Learn more about their teaching development projects, read reports on completed projects and get some ideas for your next application.

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