Firefly: News from the Teaching Centre

Firefly is the monthly digital newsletter from the Teaching Centre. The content contains article related to teaching in higher education, educational resources, teaching centre events, as well as links to publications such as our magazine and our videos.

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A Light on Teaching Magazine

The Teaching Centre invites all faculty, instructors and graduate students to submit articles for publication to the Teaching Centre's annual publication "A Light on Teaching." This magazine is a way to explore relevant issues in teaching from classroom experiences to opinion pieces, as well as articles that delve into the scholarship of teaching and learning.

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Teaching Centre Video Series

The Teaching Centre produces many video series that focus on different aspect of teaching in higher education. From "Green Chair Interviews" to "ED Talks" and "Profiles in Teaching Excellence", there is a wealth of knowledge waiting to engage you within our video series.

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Yearly reports from the Teaching Centre that will focus on projects undertaken, completed, or revitalised, as well as attendance numbers to our events, etc.

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