There are many terms thrown around when it comes to Online and Blended Learning. For our purposes, we are going to define a few terms just to make it clear which type of course we are describing.

Web-Enabled Courses

These are courses that have a small component online integrated into a course. This may be as simple as only using the LMS to display student grades.

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Online Courses

These are courses in which the resources, grades, assignments, and any other activities or interactions take place within an online environment. In most cases, face-to-face contact does not occur.

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Blended Courses

Blended courses are essentially classes that flip a large part of the in-class lecturing to the online environment.

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Environment and Class Structure

Your environment has certain constraints and certain strengths. It is good to be aware of your environment and teach in a way that is complementary to your environment.

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Who Handles Setting Up My Online Course?

You are responsible for setting up your online course. Why you? Because you are the one who has to teach utilising this setup, and the process of setting up the course will help you become familiar with the environment in which you will teach.

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Copyright Protection of Course Materials

Original content that you place in your course remains your intellectual property. Because Moodle is password protected, your content will only be shared with the students in your course.

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