How do I get my students to pay better attention?

How do I get my students to pay better attention in class and engage in a meaningful way?

Ultimately it is up to your students if they focus on the material or not. You cannot force a person to pay attention and be interested in a specific topic or subject. However, there are methods that you can employ that will motivate students to become more productive members in your class. Ways of teaching that will make your class enjoyable and engaging.

If you lecture, try breaking your lecture into more manageable chunks that incorporate reviews, summaries, and maybe even includes some essential questions regarding the content being covered. Pointing out these essential questions can help students better understand the context for the material being covered.

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Try discussing the material with your students. Sometimes a discussion will allow students to get a better grip on the subject matter and provides the ability to clear up any misconceptions they have.

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Students gain a better grasp of material when they have to interact with it, or even teach the material. Breaking into groups and having students perform research and to teach a small topic can be a great way to get students engaged with the material at a deeper level. Seminar classes often focus on this concept as a form of learning.

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Provide poll questions using a polling service or classroom clicker. Polls can be answered in real time, and results can be posted to see if there is a split in answers given. Some of the best discussions can come from a 2 or 3-way opinion split in a classroom.

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