Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can receive tutoring?
  2. What classes can I get help for?
  3. Can I receive tutoring for more than one class?
  4. Can I receive additional hours for tutoring?
  5. Do you provide tutors for high school students?


Who Can Receive Tutoring?

This program is designated for current University of Lethbridge students. Group tutorials are set up to support students in a variety of courses such as: Math 1650, Biology 1010 and Philosophy 1000. Click here for a full listing. For courses not supported by a group tutorial, students can request one tutor per semester. The course must be a 1000 or 2000 level University of Lethbridge course. For the Fall 2018 semester, requests must be submitted by October 17, 2018. Depending on student demand, you may receive tutoring individually or within a small group of 2 - 3 students.


What Classes Can I Get Help For?

Tutoring Services will try to match you with an individual tutor for any 1000 and 2000 level University of Lethbridge course, provided it is not a course for which there is a group tutorial already available.  Tutoring Services cannot guarantee that a tutor will be available for the course in which you are seeking tutoring.


Can I Receive Tutoring for More Than One Class?

Students are limited to one tutor per semester. If additional help is needed, we can provide you with a list of private tutors where available. This would be a seperate arrangement outside of the Tutoring Services program.  


How Many Hours a Week of Tutoring am I Eligible to Receive?

Students are permitted to receive one hour of tutoring per week until the last day of class for the semester.


Do you provide tutors for high school students?

Our program is limited to serving current U of L students. However, the U of L Education Undergraduate Society does provide a tutor matching service for students needing help in Grades 1 through 12. Click here for more information.