Where We Are Going

The University of Lethbridge will continue to build a comprehensive university that advances its sense of community, engagement, diversity, and connection.

The University of Lethbridge will be the institution of choice for those seeking an intimate and supportive environment, excellence in research and creative activity, an engaging and challenging learning experience, and respect for diversity. We will continue to broaden the scope of our programs and research while staying committed to our founding principles of liberal education and retaining the intimate academic experiences on which we have established a tradition of excellence.

We will welcome our students to a community of scholars that offers relevant and academically challenging programs. Opportunities for engagement in learning and research will exist across all disciplines and levels of program, from undergraduate to graduate. Rigorous research and creative work will continue to form the basis for inquiry and teaching across the learning contexts we provide.

Our University will continue to increase the diversity of its scholarly activity and contributions. In achieving this we will be defined by collegiality.

The University of Lethbridge community—which includes all students, faculty, staff, and alumni who contribute to its operation and success—will extend beyond the walls of our institution. We will remain an integral part of our communities while fostering scholarly contributions of international excellence. We will support and enrich the diverse communities we serve with fresh insights and new directions.